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Raw Honey for Allergies

Raw Honey for Allergies – Did you know that honey could be used as a natural remedy for allergies? Many people have been using this technique to treat their seasonal allergies. Amazingly, it produced interesting results.

How Does It Work?

As people searched for an explanation for this discovery, experts explained that using raw honey for allergies is similar to getting an allergy shot. Though the Raw Honey for Allergieslatter has been backed up and proven by scientific research to be effective, raw honey for allergies has not. However, they explained the effectiveness further.

The idea of using raw honey to treat seasonal allergies works in the sense that the person who is allergic to seasonal change – specifically, during the spring where pollen is most abundant in the air – ingests small amounts of pollen if they eat honey. As a result of frequent ingestion, the person’s immune system can get used to the constant exposure to pollen which is contained in the honey. Eventually, the person will experience few, mild seasonal allergies.

Raw-Honey-for-AllergiesScientific Study to Back Up The Discovery

Two studies have been reported to test the effectiveness of raw honey for allergies. One research used local honey in treating seasonal allergies. Results showed that eating high doses of local honey reduced the subjects’ allergy symptoms in the span of eight weeks.

Another study in Malaysia also showed that the subjects who ate a gram of honey for each kilogram of body weight experience alleviation in the symptoms of allergic rhinitis while the other group who consumed honey-flavored corn syrup in the same amount noticed no difference.

Due to insufficient data to back this up, researchers are encouraging others to do more research on this topic. When proven to be effective, this could cause a great impact in the field of medicine.

In Conclusion  

Honey is a great alternative to artificial sweeteners. There are a lot of other benefits you get from honey. However, if you are allergic to pollen, you have to consult your doctor to be on the safe side.

Raw Honey for Allergies




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