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How Bees Make Honey : How do they do it?

Bees are considered to be one of the most productive and hardworking organisms on planet. The process of how bees make honey hOW_BEES_MAKE_HONEYis intricate and efficient. Each of the bees has a special work to do which makes their honey-making process smooth.

How do They Do It?

The bees make two different kinds of food. One from the nectar and the other from the anthers – particularly the pollen – of the flowers they land on.  The bees that do this job are the forager honey bees.

Here’s how bees make honey:

hOW_BEES_MAKE_HONEYOnce the weather clears up to welcome the warm season, the bees start their foraging journey. As they land on the flower, they suck the nectar up and store it on her honey-containing stomach. And if the bee is hungry, she sucks up some of the nectar and opens a special valve in her stomach to store the nectar in and provide it with the energy it needs to continue foraging.

The amazing thing about the bees is that it can carry pollen equal to its body weight. When the bee’s stomach is full, they go back to their hives and pass out the nectar to the bees assigned indoors. The process of converting the nectar into honey is through passing the nectar from one bee’s mouth to another in order to reduce the moisture by 70%.

Finally, the final step on how bees make honey is placing the honey inside the storage which are then covered by beeswax in the preparation for another batch of bee larvae. The pollen left on the bodies of the bees is mixed with the nectar which serves as the food for the baby bees. This step is necessary for the colony to flourish.

Another amazing fact about the bees is that before they go out to collect another batch of pollen, they clean themselves first. This is not just for aesthetic purposes but they do this in order to make themselves even more efficient in collecting pollen.

How Bees Make Honey ?



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