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Why are Bees Disappearing?

Bees Disappearing – While delivering bees to keepers may not be a postal worker’s most favourite thing to do, still, they know that they have to deliver it. Day by day, keepers face the problem of most of their bees disappearing. They leave to hunt for food but unfortunately, for some reason, the bees fail to come back.

Why are Bees Disappearing? What’s Happening?

Since 2006, the country was faced with a huge decline on the population of honeybees – a phenomenon that was termed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). This also caused a huge decline in the Bees_Disappearingeconomy as the number of crops which comprised a significant part of every American’s diet. Since the start of the bees’ disappearances, bee keepers had to order more of the bees in order to replace those they have lost.

For years, the cause of the disappearances remains a mystery to both scientists and bee keepers. However, they believe that the CCD could have been caused by a lot of factors. Initially, the scientists thought it was due to the rapid growth in the population of Varroa mites then after a while they suspected pesticides, as well.

Now, they have start suspecting these three for the cause of CCD and with these three’s combination, the population of bees has decline three-folds, as well. In addition, these are some of the other factors that could lead to bees disappearing and decline:


First, the bees are exposed to pesticides that have been sprayed in the plants they pollinate in. This exposure then leads to the weakening of the bee’s health leaving them too weak to survive the flight home. Sometimes, the pesticides that are sprayed near their colonies that are intentionally for the Varroa mites affects the bees as well which can damage the bees neurologic functioning.

Climate Change

Moreover, the rapid change in the planet’s overall climate has also contributed to the reason for bees disappearing. Constant flooding and droughts can lead to the decline in the availability of flowers which is what bees depend on, mostly. It’s simple, really. When plants begin to decline, so does the bee population.


Another factor is the noise. One reason for why bees fail to go back home is the fact that they might get lost on their way home because of too much noise which can cause them to forget their way back home.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is another serious threat that bees and bee keepers face. As if the other factors weren’t enough, the issue of scent being lost along the way could also cause these bees to get lost as they buzz from places to places. Bees follow a particular trail of scent that leads them to food, when the car smoke and other pollution combine, the smell of the chemicals that the flower releases gets lost and bees then miss the chance of bringing food home leaving the colony hungry.

What it Means

The loss of bees can have so much effect on the economy and the lives of people. Aside from the fact that there will be more demand for honey, it can also affect other aspects in the agricultural world as well. Since most of the plants depend on pollination to grow and expand, lesser bees means lesser chances for them to survive and propagate.

Why are Bees Disappearing?



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