Beekeeping Basics

Common Beekeeping Challenges

The bee population is declining, and beekeepers need to conserve the remaining numbers and provide a right environment for repopulation.

However, they cannot do so without facing these common beekeeping challenges for which this article also suggests solutions:


Bees sense fear and focus their attack on the face, therefore, wear protective gear which comprises a bee suit, bee veil, and canvas gloves.

You should also avoid perfumes since it can attract the bees’ curiosity or irritate them.

Moreover, bees do not like dark clothing so you should wear tan or white clothing when going to visit your hives.

Remember to smoke them so that to make the docile and carry on your work with confidence. However, with time, they will sting you less when you get used to each other.


Mites weaken and kill hives, while wax moths destroy the brood comb. You should regularly maintain your hive so that you can control them.

Unhealthy Colony

Bees get sick too from a range of problems you may not understand if you are new to the practice but seeking help from experienced beekeepers will solve the problem.

Urban Area Resistance

Not everyone in your neighborhood loves bees, and they may try to scare them away.

Teach the neighbors how to respond to bees for safety purposes, or move to a rural location away from people.

Also, follow the proper regulations if living in a city, which requires a permit for beekeeping.

Lack of Persistence

Every endeavor requires persistence for it to succeed. Keeping bees is no different and even if you fail in the first few attempts, do not give up, maybe the next time you try will be the successful one.

Learn to Catch a Swarm

Bees move in swarms and if you want to split hives that is the best time to catch them since they are usually calm and less likely to sting.

Being around other beekeepers will help the bees to find a home thus increase your number of hives quickly.

Honey Collecting

Honey is healthy, but bees do not let you have it without putting up a fight. You must, therefore, learn how to collect it without upsetting the bees and have the energy to carry the honey boxes since depending on your hives; the honey collected can be in large volumes.

Beekeeping Equipment

Know how to use the equipment. As with every trade, beekeeping comes with its own set of tools; therefore, you should learn how to properly use the equipment which includes a smoker, hive tool and a bee brush among others.

Bee-Friendly Flowers

Bees make their honey from nectar, which they can only obtain from flowers.

You should, therefore, create a friendly environment for them by planting pollen-rich flowers and avoid using pesticides to have safe honey in the end.

Many people are embracing bee farming, and if one follows the above tips to overcome the setbacks, then bees will begin to increase their numbers, which will also be for our benefit.




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🐝 Good Luck and Happy Beekeeping!


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