Harvesting Honey

How to Store Raw Honey

How to Store Raw Honey  – There are three different ways to store honey depending on the circumstances, before it’s opened, and after it is opened.

What is Raw Honey?

Raw honey is 100% pure honey that has not been chemicalized nor has it been commercially treated by adding preservatives or any kinds of procedure. Raw honey is the honey taken right out from the hive of honey bees. Raw honey is very popular because contains various benefits for the health and even for the skin.honeycomb

Unlike other store-bought honey which have been processed to last for longer periods, raw honey is stored in a different way since it has no preservatives.

How to Store Raw Honey Before it is Opened

– When you purchase raw honey or harvest your own raw honey, it should be stored in an airtight jar or other airtight container. An airtight container is essential because it’s important to have a really tight and secured lid to naturally preserve the honey.

– Raw honey must also be stored in a cool environment and away from direct sunlight and away from other factors that produce heat such as appliances. You can place it in your kitchen cabinet, or any environment which has a consistent temperature from 70-80 degrees.

honey combHow to Store Raw Honey After it has been Opened

Here are tips to maintain the freshness of your raw honey and store it back after you open its container:

(1) Continue to use the airtight container or use a different one if you wish to transfer your honey in a different container.

(2) Before closing the lid, wipe off the excess honey with a clean damp cloth to ensure that it will be sealed again tightly.

(3) If ever your container breaks or has cracks that causes the honey to leak, immediately transfer it to another airtight container to avoid any contamination that will cause the raw honey to spoil. Follow the same procedures in storing the raw honey.

How to Store Raw Honey



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