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How to Make a Bee Bath

Coming up with a garden that will accommodate honeybees in a friendly way requires more than the normal planting of flowers for such gardens.

How to Make a Bee BathDefinitely, you desire attracting those bees with those bloom gorgeous flowers but also as they inhabit there they will need water whether in a bee bath, fountain or a pond.

Bee bath in this case refers to those simple feeders for feeding the bees with water as well as where the pollinating guests can get to get water from. Less all these, the garden will not accommodate as many workers and also you will not huge harvest of the fruits and vegetables.

Among the many ways of maintaining a healthy then productive garden is ensuring that you attract bees in the garden always. You do not require having with you the big boxes so as to invite bees in to the garden but rather you only need to plant plants that attract bees and then make the habitat as attractive such that bees draw themselves into the garden.



How important is water for bees?

If you have kept bees you already know some of the key reasons as to why water is of importance. Such reasons include:

  • Water is used to dilute the honey as the bees use the water to manage honey consistency while thinning out any crystallized honey
  • Water aids in digestion of bees just like it does to humans.
  • Water maintains coolness in the hive. The bees after adding the water in the hives they use the wings so as to fan the hive hence air-conditioning the habitat.
  • Water is used to feed bee-babies as the royal jelly which the larvae feed on requires a lot of water.

For home gardens, you only need to come up with a shallow bowl on rocks then pour water inside to feed the bees. With this, you areBee Bath aiming at creating a water source for the bees and also a place where they can perch while drinking. For such you will only require

  • Fresh water
  • Stones
  • Plant pot
  • Shallow dish

When selecting the place to position the bee bath ensure to go for a shady and protected place. Use the plant pot as the water dish base.

Avoid plastics and metals for water dishes but rather try ceramic or glass. Add the stones into the water then add water such that it does not fully submerge the stones.

Change the water every day as well as clean the bee bath weekly.



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🐝 Good Luck and Happy Beekeeping!


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