Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies

Beekeeping Supplies Vermont

There are about 900 beekeepers with a total of 14,000 bee colonies in Vermont. The hives

Are located in about 1,200 locations throughout the state.

No matter what city you are looking for beekeeping supplies in Vermont, we’ve got you covered.

Typical beekeeper supplies needed in Vermont include:

Beekeeping Woodenware

The most popular bee hive in the US is the 10-frame Langstroth hive, originally patented in 1852. This hive, for over 170 years, has been the industry standard.

beekeeper supplies vermont

The hive components include:

  • Hive body
  • Bottom board
  • Honey super
  • Frames
  • Inner cover
  • Hive cover

Beekeeper Protective Clothing

The most common protective gear for beekeepers include:

  • Beekeeping Suits

  Both canvas beekeeping suits and ventilated bee suits are available.

  • Beekeeping Jackets

  Canvas bee jackets and ventilated bee jackets are available.

  • Beekeeping Gloves

  Goatskin bee gloves and cowhide bee gloves are available.

Many times, you can purchase a combo pack of a bee suit and bee gloves at a discount.

Please note: Your beekeeping suit or beekeeping jacket should come with a veil included.

Beekeeping Equipment and Tools

Here is a list of some common beekeeping tools:

  • Hive tool
  • Hive smoker
  • Queen marker
  • Bee Brush
  • Hive feeder
  • Entrance reducer
vermont beekeeping supply

Where to buy bees and nucs in State?

The state association is the Vermont beekeepers Association.

One of the best places to purchase queen bees, packaged bees and nucleus hives (nucs) is your local bee club.

Here is a list of local bee clubs in Vermont:

Addison County Beekeepers Association
Bennington Beekeepers
Southern Vermont Beekeepers Association

Beekeeping in Vermont

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets’ (VAAFM) Apiary Program regulates beekeepers in Vermont.

Apiary Registration

Any person owning a bee, apiary, colony, or hive in the State is required to register with VAAFM and pay an annual registration fee of $10.00 for each apiary location.

Registration for new apiary accounts is due upon ownership of bees. VAAFM will mail previously registered owners a renewal form prior to June 1st which must be completed and submitted to VAAFM by June 30th each year. A late fee may be assessed if renewals are submitted after June 30th.


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