Beekeeping Equipment and Supplies

Beekeeping Equipment

Gone are the days when beekeepers felt safe when visiting their hives without protective equipment.

The introduction of foreign bee species, especially those from Africa, means the threat of an aggressive group of bees within the hive is higher now than ever before.

Mild-tempered bees can have the hive taken over by aggressive bees and this requires some basic beekeeping equipment to keep you safe.

The following list includes the needed items to keep yourself safe from potentially aggressive species.

Bee Suit or Bee Jacket

There are those who are still resistant to wearing a bee suit, but they do offer the best overall protection for the body.

If you choose not to wear a suit, it’s important to choose light colored clothing as bees usually don’t like dark colors and may attack.

A bee jacket is the next best option to a full bee suit. It protects the upper body from stings, including the arms, face, head and neck.

Bee Gloves

Wearing gloves can make some activities difficult when tending your hives, but they protect the hands and arms, which are often the most vulnerable areas.

Those who are beginning with beekeeping may wish to use beekeeping gloves until they’re more comfortable with the tasks involved.

Hive Tool

This is an essential tool that makes it easier to clean the hives and pry frames apart. It’s a versatile item that has many uses in the hive.


The smoker makes it easier and safer to tend your hive. When the smoke is blown into the hive, it makes the bees eat an excessive amount of honey, which makes them gentler and much less likely to attack.

It’s important to use the right amount of smoke as too much will cause the bees to leave for an extended period of time.

Smokers can be fueled by many cheap and accessible fuels like: wood shavings, cardboard and cotton rags.

Bee Brush

The bee brush offers a gentle way to move bees away from the hive. Brushes with synthetic bristles are better choices. In a pinch, you can simply use a twig with leaves to brush the bees away.


Interested in beekeeping? Here are some beekeeping supplies you want to get your hands on to start with!

1. Ventilated Suit – 

(NEW)  Ventilated Jacket –

2. Beekeeper YKK Suit Combo –

3. Beekeeper Journal –

4. YKK Suit –

5. Beekeeper Jacket –

6. Beekeeping Gloves:

           – Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves –

          – Cow Leather Beekeeping Gloves –

7. Queen Marking Kit  –

         – Queen Marking Pens –

         –Queen Marking Cage –

🐝 Good Luck and Happy Beekeeping!


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