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When people think of bee stings, what usually comes to the mind is the pain, itch and swell up. To avoid bee stings, beekeepers and professionals who remove beehives from houses should always have protective clothing on.

This involves the use of gloves, a helmet, veil and a beekeepers suit. Beekeepers suits are full length jumpsuits worn by keepers when tending to the bee hives.

The suits are usually made out of smooth materials and are white in color. This is because bees tend to avoid white or bright colors.

However, they attack black or dark colors as a way of protecting their hives against black bears.

When choosing a beekeepers suit, it is always important to put the weather conditions into serious consideration. For instance, during the hot summer, it is advisable to choose a fabric that is cool such as polyester.

Additionally, choose a larger size because you are wearing the suit over regular clothes.

Always ensure that the suit you purchase is of high quality because at times, the bee sting might penetrate through the fabric.

The shirt should be long sleeved with a smooth finish for maximum protection. The material used to make the beekeepers suit should not be textured or of animal origin such as fur, wool or feathers.

This is because they may still have the animal odor which may provoke the bees to act in a defensive and aggressive manner.

The bottom of your pants should be tucked inside the boots in order to prevent the bees from crawling up your legs.

There is other beekeeping equipment that every beekeeper should have. This includes gloves, veil, helmet, and boots.

The veil is important clothing that protects the face from stings. The helmet on the other hand is used to keep the veil away from the face.

However, it is important to note that, there are veils that can be worn without helmets such as the Alexander-type veil.

High quality leather or canvas gloves should be worn since most of the beekeeping task will involve the use of hands. Some beekeeping gloves are ventilated for comfort.

In order for any beekeeping project to be successful, it is important to have the necessary beekeeping equipment and supplies in addition to the protective clothing.

This equipment and supplies include a hive; hive tool, bee brush, and a smoker. The hives are used to manage honeybees.

Modern hives have been designed to allow inspection and removal of honey more efficient and effective.

The hive tool can be considered as the most important equipment to have when dealing with beekeeping.

The hive tool makes inspection of colonies possible as well as cleaning the hives. The smoker is used to puff smoke to the hive and this makes the bees to be gentle and gorge on honey.

A bee brush is used to move bees from places they shouldn’t be such as the frames.

It is important to always ensure that the beekeepers suit, equipment and supplies you wish to purchase are of high quality.



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🐝 Good Luck and Happy Beekeeping!


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