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An Overview Guide for Urban Beekeeping

Urban BeekeepingIf you ask any beekeeper, they would really say that beekeeping has its fun and rewarding moments.  If you live in the city and want to take up beekeeping as a hobby, there are urban beekeeping tips that might be able to turn your beekeeping experience more enjoyable.

Urban Beekeeping Tips

1. Know if the city you’re in allows you to keep bees.

Read and learn about your area’s laws, rules and regulations about beekeeping. Cities like New York City, Chicago, and Detroit allow beekeeping, but there are still some urban areas that don’t allow it. Avoid getting your hives confiscated and avoid paying fines. Of course, if beekeeping is allowed in your area, make sure you have it on your own property and get consent from your landlord or whoever it is you need to get permission from.

2. Find a proper spot for your bees.urban_beekeeping

Bees need water so its best to place them near a water source or you can provide a bee watering station for them. Also, keep them in a place where there is always under the shade with a windbreak. A space that deflects heat is far better environment for bees.

3. Keep in mind your neighbors.

Be a thoughtful neighbor and beekeeper and inform your neighbors about your beekeeping ideas. Some may not agree with your plans and protest against it for some reason, but you can try and sweeten the deal by promising them some honey as a gift after harvesting.

4. Order equipment and hives first before the bees.

Prepare everything you need and get it all ready for your bees to live in. the best time to order from apiaries is from January to February. If you buy later than that, there might be a chance that you won’t be able to get any bees.

5. Start caring for your bees & always research more about beekeeping.

Beekeeping takes dedication to keep them healthy and well. To know about bee healthcare, you can always search the internet, watch Youtube videos, and you can even attend beekeeping classes.

Goodluck and happy urban beekeeping!

An Overview Guide for Urban Beekeeping

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🐝 Good Luck and Happy Beekeeping!


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