Health Benefits of Honey


How Honey Bees Work in the Hive

  Interested in beekeeping? Here are some beekeeping supplies you want to get your hands on to start with! 1. Ventilated Suit –  (NEW)  Ventilated Jacket – 2. Beekeeper YKK Suit Combo – 3. Beekeeper Journal – 4. YKK Suit – 5. Beekeeper Jacket – 6. Beekeeping Gloves:   …

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Honey Bee Life Cycle

The Honey Bee Life Cycle  Honey bee life cycle: a description, drawing and information about the colony.  The honey bee life cycle goes through 4 basic stages.  More detail is added in the diagram below, but the key stages are: Egg Larva Pupa Adult All bee life cycles go through these stages, although there are …

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