Beekeeping Equipment

Gone are the days when beekeepers felt safe when visiting their hives without protective equipment. The introduction of foreign bee species, especially those from Africa, means the threat of an aggressive group of bees within the hive is higher now than ever before. Mild-tempered bees can have the hive taken over by aggressive bees and …

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Selling Your Honey

There is nothing better than being able to extract and enjoy your own honey. Once you have a surplus, it’s time to think about giving away and selling your honey. Honey Demand is Increasing Mintel, a market intelligence agency, reported that honey sales increased 57% from 2011 to 2016. This growth is higher than all …

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carniolan bees

Honey Bees Disappearing

Why Are Honey Bees Dying Off? Bees Disappearing, Vanishing … https://morenature.com/…/36242820-why-are-honey-bees-dying-off-bees-disappearin… The idea of bees disappearing in mass quantities may sound a little eerie, but the vanishing of honey bees is no ghost story: it’s happening right now in real life. Why are the bees dying? Will honey bees go extinct? Scientists and researchers are …

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Honeybees in Colonial America

Although honeybees are a common sight in America today, they haven’t always called the Western Hemisphere home. English settlers first introduced honeybees to the area in 1622 after realizing how important they were for crop pollination, as well as for providing much needed honey and beeswax. On a side note, honeybees were referred to as …

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2017 Beekeeping Conference

The North American Beekeeping Conference & Tradeshow will be held in Galveston, Texas, at the San Luis Resort and Galveston Island Convention Center, January 10-14, 2017. This event is  a joint conference with the The American Honey Producers Association, American Beekeeping Federation,  and the Canadian Honey Council. This conference brings you the most up-to-date information …

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