Basics for Beginning Beekeeping

Beginning BeekeepingDo you want to be a beekeeper too? Here is how to be one:

1. Prepare Your Hives and Beekeeping Equipment

There are beekeeping Hive Starter Kits available online or in your local beekeeping store that you can check out. There are different ones out there, so it’s always good to do your own research or ask your mentor or a friendly veteran beekeeper on what works best.

2. Order Bees or Capture a Swarm of Beesbeginning_beekeeping

For starters, it’s a good idea to start with ordering your bees in your nearby bee supplier than capturing a swarm for your first hive. It is possible though to lure a swarm into your hive using techniques that will attract them like lemongrass oil, or maybe you know someone who has no trouble capturing swarms, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find a swarm in an instant. Start by ordering your bees for your first hive, then maybe capture a swarm of bees for your next hive.

3. Do More Research, read articles, read books, attend beekeeping classes

After reading and learning, you may not become an instant expert, but you’ll definitely become more in love with beekeeping and have more knowledge and confidence to be the best beekeeper you can be.

4. Find and Join a Beekeeping Club in your areabeginning_beekeeping

Beekeeping clubs welcome new beekeepers with open arms all the time! Don’t be scared to join one and get to meet friendly and passionate beekeepers. They have regular meetings and offer classes to help every beekeeper to improve.

5. Don’t Stop Learning

Once you have gotten the basics and have everything lined up, just keep on learning & remember that it’s okay to make some mistakes. You’ll get more insight on how to be a better beekeeper from learning from your mistakes!

Good luck and Happy Beekeeping!

Basics for Beginning Beekeeping



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