drone population

Drone Population

Drone bees are often held in low esteem. Any good beekeeper is aware that drones are a drain on bee colony resources, particularly due to their hearty appetites. As the most unappreciated members of the bee colony, beekeepers tend to limit both the population drones and their consumption of materials to create their comb. A …

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Honeybee Cell Size

Cell size plays an essential role in beekeeping. In fact, experts link honeybee cell size to their survival and behavior. It’s therefore essential that we understand the role of cell sizes in the future of bees. Many domestic honeybees nowadays are strains that have been artificially selected and kept in box hives. While feral honeybees …

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Honeybee vs Wasp

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Wax Moths

Wax Moths: How to Keep Them Out Of Your Beehives Wax moths can cause a lot of damage but it does not have to pose a challenge if you know how to deal with them, and either control or prevent an attack. What types of wax moths attack beehives? Wax moths exist in two species; …

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