How Buzz Beekeeping Supplies was born.

I started beekeeping years ago because I love honey and wanted better pollination for my organic garden and fruit trees.
Initially, I purchased two nucs (nucleus hive – a small colony, consisting of five frames of bees containing eggs, brood, and food). The beekeeper I bought the nucs from was located about 2 hours away. It was evening and a lightning storm began to develop. To complicate things, a wax seal on one of the nucs broke.
Due to the storm, the bees became agitated.
The beekeeping veil I had purchased was not well made. Somehow the bees discovered a way into the veil, resulting in 22 stings all over my head.
I soon upgraded to a beekeeping jacket but was never happy with the pockets. Most were too shallow and every time I bent over to work the hive anything in my pockets would fall out. I also got stung on the neck a few times (right through the jacket), as this jacket had no internal collar.
I thought there should be a better design for beekeeping equipment. Like the old saying goes “If you want it done right, do it yourself”. So I decided a better design was needed.
Hence, Buzz Beekeeping Supplies was born.
We offer high-quality beekeeping suits, beekeeping jackets, and beekeeping gloves. Our equipment is made by beekeepers, for beekeepers.
When it comes to Beekeeping Equipment, You Deserve Better.
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Beekeeping Suit When Worn 3
Beekeeping Jacket When Worn